Commerical Asphalt Maintenance & Preservation Services


"Grand County Asphalt Care did a great job last summer sealing all our asphalt at Crooked Creek Ranch. He was very flexible with the schedule to work around our guest groups ... an excellent job, left no mess and even completed a few additional areas not included in the original bid. We will continue to have Blair maintain all our asphalt needs and would highly recommend him to other customers."


Crooked Creek Ranch, Fraser



Beautify and extend the life of your asphalt pavement with regular maintenance


Seal Coating

Our premium seal coat is formulated to withstand the sun's
oxidation, oil penetration, and harsh winters. Maintains and
beautifies parking lots.


Crack Sealing

Hot rubberized crack seal prevents water penetration and the

extreme mountain freeze thaw cycle from damaging your asphalt
investment. Annual maintenance is recommended.




Commercial striping service is available May - Sept.




Our pothole patch lasts longer than the pavement around it!
Applied year round.


* Roads: GCACS provides project management from start to finish: project oversight,
public notices, and traffic control. We can seal up to 3 miles of residential roads per